A unique gift for cat lovers from Ukraine

Nine personalized stamps from the Ukrainian Postal Service with beautiful portraits of abandoned and/or rehomed cats brought to the shelter during the first two months of the war as seen through the eyes of one of the volunteers. Dolly, Athena, and Vasiliki are still with us!

The story

We are a group of animal lovers, who came together at the beginning of the war to help two nuns take care of cats abandoned by the fleeing population. As of the beginning of October, more than 200 cats have been adopted and 80-90 still remain at the shelter waiting for their families. In the meanwhile, we treat, sterilize, vaccinate and take care of them — all with your support ❤️

How to get your own stamps

We give them away as a gift for a donation starting from $30. Send the donation via PayPal ([email protected]) with your name and address in the comment, and we will mail them to you right away. All funds go to cover cat expenses minus the cost of the stamps and the delivery.

Disclaimer: the shelter is not a legal entity, so you will be donating to an individual account of Viktoriia, who kindly agreed to dedicate it to shelter purposes.